Cooke Aquaculture Chile S.A. has exclusive franchises at Cupquelan fjord. Thus, the management of the whole geographical unit depends only on our company, which allows us to achieve a high standard in sanitary and environmental management.

In our organizational structure, we have personnel dedicated exclusively to environmental matters, having among other aspects the definition, implementation and control of the environmental aspects of our process.

Cooke Aquaculture Chile S.A. has GLOBAL G.A.P., and BAP, which among other things guarantees that aquaculture production is sustainable and has good environmental and social practices.

Cooke Aquaculture Chile S.A. has also FOS certification, a leading international certification for products originated from both sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and BRC Global Standards, the world’s biggest provider of safety and quality standards for food manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution.

The social responsibility of our company is also backed by the GRASP certification, which has been implemented since 2016.